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Cleveland Rocks

The Cast:

Mr. Wick

Mr Wick:

This is Mr. Wick, Drew's boss. Mr. Wick has been on the show for a few seasons, but I still think of him as the new guy. Drew's old boss was never seen, but then replaced by Mr. Wick. Mr. Wick is a hilarious English man who has had problems with drugs, is fairly clueless and gets a lot of ladies. He is cool, but not too bright.

Drew (were not worthy)

Drew Carey:

This is the lead man in the Drew Carey Show! He is an overwieght middle aged man in a go no where job. The show is all about him and his struggles in the corporate world and in his personal life. You would be surprised how much play he gets in the show. Anyway, he is a good guy.



This is Mimi, Drew's enemy. Mimi and Drew engage in hilarious interaction which involves name calling (very clever) and practical jokes that go as far as to send Drew to China. They are always fighting, but now Mimi is married to Drew's cross dressing brother and things are getting wierd.



Lewis is one of Drew's buddies. He can't get a girl, he isn't smart and he works at Drug Co., where monkeys going crazy and wierd products are common. He is fun, and is the source of a lot of great jokes. He is also one of the main people on Drew's other show, Who's Line is it Anyway? I like him in both series, especially in Who's Line, because of his great physical comedy. His deer in the head lights impression is killer.



Kate is the butt of a lot of jokes and is very involved in most of the episodes. She is Drew's best friend and Drew is the only guy she hasn't slept with, until recently. Now, after an akwardness, Drew and Kate are begining to see each other. They are a good couple and we all hope things work out. Kate is known for being a slut and moody, but she seems to have developed into a more loving person. Watch for what happens next with Kate.



Oswald is a goofy guy, very stupid. He is fun to watch, he has been involved with many interesting plots (he went out with Kate, Drew had crush on his mom etc.) and you can never get tired of laughing at what he says.

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